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Trying new crafts

It somewhat feels like it's been a long time since I last posted however, it's just around a week ago. I'm really going to make an effort now. My brain is constantly bombarding me with ideas and things I want to do. This week has been kinda weird for me. My biological clock is set for 9.30 am for getting up in the mornings now that I've been setting it as my alarm for 2 weeks now. It's a good thing for me as I do laze in bed for a bit before getting up. The reason why I didn't do this before was due to my working hours being an evening shift. So I tend to go to sleep and wake up whenever I wanted to. One day I thought, it would be good to be able to get up in the mornings to get things don

Update 2

It's has been a while and I do have some exciting news to write about this time I've met up with a friend who helped me do a quick photo shoot of all my goodies that I took with me. I think it was a shame that I already took half the stuff to a wool shop 10 miles out of town. This is in hope of extra exposure and a bit of sales. To this day I haven't heard much from them about anything being sold or questioned. Hand dyed yarn is such a saturated market as all knitters and crafters alike will know who to go to for their supplies. I've been slacking recently in the set up as I don't want to be all ready for the big launch and move at the same time. What's on my needles? I currently hav

Blanket making

It's been almost a month. What have I been up to? I've been busy making blankets and doing a few orders. All custom made - i must say colours can give me a headache or even patterns. I'm not going to rant on here. Just a few pics of one blanket that I'm doing which is part of the Rowan Knit a long designed by Martin Storey. All the colourways was just as beautiful however, my heart has a soft spot for the blues. All of these are stage 1 - stage 4 of this KAL which makes we are half way through it. I am making every effort to have these all done before the next stages are released every fortnight. It gets more exciting each week to see what else is to come and how this will be put together

African flower power

It's been a wonderful journey in the making of a very colourful blanket. This is not a tutorial - just a train of thought of where I got the idea from and how I went on making this. 17 different colours from Styelcraft Special DK, I got the inspiration from another blogger, Attic 24. The inspiration wasn't quite for making the granny stripe but the african flower hexagons. I just think it would be stunning to make one in all the various colours. However, I couldn't quite get all the colours in the pack as I bought mines from a local lady and going with what she had in stock. Here is my list of colours, 1.Saffron 2. Lavender 3. Magenta 4. Lipstick 5. Aster 6. Wisteria 7. Pomegr

My own design

This is my first design for a jumper for myself. I was testing a schematic/mathematics of a how to tutorial. Yes it does work!! Well, for a bottom up seamless jumper. I'm now planning on doing another one with the same wool but making changes to the sleeves since I read about a different method for knitting the sleeves. That's to be done after all the KAL/CAL that I'm going to participate in. I am still thinking about the crochet one as I've still to buy the colour pack. There is no going back on the knitting one since I have bought it and awaiting for the delivery on the other half of the pack. See the photo below for a sneak preview. A sneak peek of the colours that I'm going to use. I can


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