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Episode 1

Well hello my lovely people! It’s great to be back on this page once again. I hope you weren’t hit with the January blues as much as I was. Apparently it’s blue blood moon this month. So you may get to see another full moon this month. Personally, I’m not a star gazer but certainly do look up to the skies when I walk out of the takeaway at night when I finish and heading home. Anyways, before I ramble on I’ll swiftly move onto a little catch up shall we before all the good bits of this crafty blog. Catch up Since the last blog, I’ve had a fairly steady month. It’s not been particularly great nor bad. My emotions gets influenced quite easily especially from hubby. When he gets stressed out

Happy New Year!!

Well, it’s not the 5th day of 2018! I wish you all a wonderful year that is filled with joy, good health, lots of money and loved from all those around you whether they are far away or close to home. An update on how I’m actually getting on, I’ve come out a little bit of the dark tunnel. I used the whole of December 2017 to get out of it by taking baby steps. I didn’t want to push myself too hard otherwise it will just back fire on me. I’m genuinely feeling a bit more positive now that we are into 2018. What could possibly go wrong for me this year? I feel that I’ve had my fair share in the past 6 months. My 2018 game plan Kick start my mini business This first one will probably be my main g


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