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African flower power

It's been a wonderful journey in the making of a very colourful blanket. This is not a tutorial - just a train of thought of where I got the idea from and how I went on making this. 17 different colours from Styelcraft Special DK, I got the inspiration from another blogger, Attic 24. The inspiration wasn't quite for making the granny stripe but the african flower hexagons. I just think it would be stunning to make one in all the various colours. However, I couldn't quite get all the colours in the pack as I bought mines from a local lady and going with what she had in stock. Here is my list of colours, 1.Saffron 2. Lavender 3. Magenta 4. Lipstick 5. Aster 6. Wisteria 7. Pomegranate 8. Meadow 9. Candyfloss 10. Cloud Blue 11. Spring Green 12. Clematis 13. Fondant 14. Spice 15. Sherbet 16. Turquoise 17. Aspen With my obsessive nature of making sure I used each colour equally... yes it took some planning and thinking before making the 2 different batches. Below you can see the progress of making them... before I forget this is where I learnt how to make the pretty flowers and I made some changes from the tutorial. click on the link for the african flower tutorial

All in all, it took me 3 months to make this since I work so much and time is limited. Feel free to ask questions about my one - I've not included a lot of details on the how to or how i did it.

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