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Is this really a welcoming community?

I seem to have gone on a hiatus with blogging. I feel that I lack any content that would be of interest.

It appears to me that I'm forever doing stuff behind the scenes and not showing anything. When it comes to the time to share, I tend to forget about blogging about it and the experiences of them.

Things happen or ideas sparks; excitement builds up inside me yet I feel no one else is with me. It feels lonely. hands up I do share a lot of the day to day stuff on Instagram and when it's exciting for me; the post or story doesn't get shared. A new post will get a handful of likes and no comments even when there are questions asked. It's disheartening. The vibe I get is no one wants my stuff or see my creative content or willing to help uplift ME. Engagement is key in the socials but the algorithms are beating me down into the deepest wells where all I see is the moonlight. No way to climb out until someone reaches down to find me.

you know what? it sickens me to see how fellow colleagues do so well when they have a sale or the need to raise funds for something. People share their story and help promote it. Not being a copy cat or pulling the same trick from the hat, it doesn't work for me. Times are hard for everyone, I get that. Even if you can't spend right now, that is ok. All I was asking for is a bit of love.

All of the above adds up to a lot of negativity. It eats into the creative soul. I *really* do believe that this is a uplifting and a true community. However, I still feel like I'm the outsider. The same feeling I had throughout childhood and into adult life. It fees like I've yet to find my own tribe but that is not true, I do have a wonderful circle of friends where I can be me.

The advise that fellow colleagues say is we aren't competitors but colleagues. We uplift and support each other. Some get more than others. This feels toxic. It comes back to the 'it's not what you know, it's who you know'. I struggle with this as I never seem to be able to connect with others. The only thing that I'd have in common with anyone is the love of fibre crafting and the dyeing. Now, you may be asking if I really have made an effort to connect with people. The answer is yes. There are personal reasons for not being able to attend more festivals or become a part of a crafting group. For those that don't know, I help run the family takeaway business.

During the pandemic, I decided not to bombard the market with new stuff so that fellow colleagues would have a better chance in making money as it's their sole income. I never made that public it was a personal choice. Now that I'm back at it and wanting to showcase my stuff, it's well hidden.

Positively, there has been great collaborations and an event that has happened earlier this year. I do look forward to Perth Festival Of Yarn. Click on the link to get tickets and the full line up of vendors and the amazing fringe events too.


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