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Update 2

It's has been a while and I do have some exciting news to write about this time I've met up with a friend who helped me do a quick photo shoot of all my goodies that I took with me. I think it was a shame that I already took half the stuff to a wool shop 10 miles out of town. This is in hope of extra exposure and a bit of sales. To this day I haven't heard much from them about anything being sold or questioned. Hand dyed yarn is such a saturated market as all knitters and crafters alike will know who to go to for their supplies. I've been slacking recently in the set up as I don't want to be all ready for the big launch and move at the same time. What's on my needles? I currently have Berlinn blanket for a friend. This is an updated version of the 4 leaf square blanket by Kate Davies. I'm using Sirdar Snuggly DK in white and Oatmeal colours. I will use a darker brown for the joining of the squares and the knitted border. It's slightly smaller than what the pattern asks for as this is fully customised for the person intended. I'm onto the last 2 squares of the leaf pattern which. I hope I'll be able to finish tonight whilst at work or at least half way on the last square. Also, I have another Kate Davies pattern on the go too. It's the Cockatoo Brae Cardigan. I've picked out colours from a limited selection that was available to me at the local yarn stored as Jamiesons and Smiths have such a wide range of colours it's not possible for them to have all of them. It will be my first time steeking a knitted piece. What colour did i have to use for the main colour just to make it harder for myself? Black.. I'll be fine provided that I do it during broad day light and it's well lit place so I know where my scissors are cutting. This I'm knitting slowly as it's just when i have the extra time on it after working on the baby blanket above. Joji MKAL is currently slowly working up as there are many colour changes and garter stitch rows. I've picked out colours from my current stash so I didn't have to look around for the perfect match in colours. It's so vibrant it will light up any dull days that I may have or even during the winter months. I'm working on it every knit which is a just a few rows at a time or until the next colour change which isn't much either. I've also got snail yarn shawl to knit up too as I bought the mini gradient set from her during my first EYF. It's so me and it's soft. It does give a lot of stitch definition to the fabric that I'm creating. Again, this is just worked on whenever I feel like it as its not in a rush. A guilty pleasure really. I do have plans to knit a summer tank top and another cardigan when I finish one or 2 of the above as I like to keep myself busy and to ensure that I don't get bored with what I'm doing. SEWING I have managed to sew up a tank top over 2 days. I'm happy with the way it's been sewn. There are definitely lots of room for improvements. I just need a bit more practice and time to understand what the pattern is asking me to do in order to achieve the finish look. It looks a lot better in comparison to the first one I did whilst in Macau. It fits a lot better on me and not so shabby looking kinda top. I do have a lot of other sewing projects that i want to finish before moving onto a dress that I want to sew. I have 2 quilts to actually quilt and bind. Some project bags that I want to make as well. I need to use up some of my fabric stash before allowed to buy anymore. This applies to my yarn stash too. I have no idea how i managed to accumulate so much in the time that I've been back to the UK.

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