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Blanket making

It's been almost a month. What have I been up to? I've been busy making blankets and doing a few orders. All custom made - i must say colours can give me a headache or even patterns. I'm not going to rant on here. Just a few pics of one blanket that I'm doing which is part of the Rowan Knit a long designed by Martin Storey. All the colourways was just as beautiful however, my heart has a soft spot for the blues.

All of these are stage 1 - stage 4 of this KAL which makes we are half way through it. I am making every effort to have these all done before the next stages are released every fortnight. It gets more exciting each week to see what else is to come and how this will be put together in the end. Fingers crossed I have enough yarn for the border and sewing up parts as my squares are ever so slightly bigger than what it should be.

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