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WIP musings 6

Who is dreaming about warmer weather and those long summer nights?

I certainly am and very much looking forward to it. I may not really get to enjoy those long nights whilst working in a takeaway. It does make a difference to mental health.

Currently I am knitting the Reifel Tank top by Carlie Olfert. This was published in Pom Pom Magazine issue Issue 37, summer 2021.

The size range is 31.5" to 61.5" chest with some ease.

I am using 100% Cupro yarn from Cookson Crafts. Unfortunately, upon checking there website they don't have it in stock. The base may feel a little harsh on the hands whilst working with it however, after a wash of the swatch it does soften up and totally awesome against skin.

The stitch defintion isn't lost on the the 1/1 twisted stitch pattern which I love. The pattern repeat is simple enough to have memorised. Anyone who knows me, will know that I can craft whilst at work during any quiet periods and it's vital to have a project that can be picked up and dropped down quickly. As it has a twisted cable stitch pattern it itches my craving for those traditional aran type cable sweaters.

The only modification I've done is adding extra length to the body. I've realised that through dressmaking that I do need to add length for my midriff. I also may have read the instructions wrong when it came to the armhole and neckline decreases. That's fine cos it meant that I was sure it would be decent coverage over my bust. The only thing I'm unsure of if I should follow the instructions for the back or do what I've done to the front pieces as it may play sleigh havoc to the straps. I would like to think that it shouldn't matter.


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