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Episode 4: EYF 2018

Hello lovely people!! No, we are still in March so it’s all good. Last weekend (Thursday & Friday) I was at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018. It was a fantastic event that I’m glad to have been there for 2 days and not more. Want to re-live it? Or come on my journey with me as I talk about it here. Read on. Thursday Getting up extra early in the morning to make sure I have some breakfast before driving to Edinburgh was a bit of struggle. I stayed up late the night before packing and deciding what knit wear to take with me. In the end I ended up with 2 cardigans, Anniversaire and Cockatoo Brae. I also took 4 shawls with me to show and tell, exploration station, aisling, royal mile and mystic

Episode 3: Mother’s Day

Where did February go? It seems like this is a good routine, one post per month. I always want to blog more often however, time just escapes me. So this weekend is Mother’s Day in the UK. Have you got your mum a gift yet? If not, head on to my website where you can get 10% off by using the Lovemum18 valid until 11th March 2018. What have I been up to? I’ve taken too much time off for the past fortnight - lack of motivation. This is a dangerous phase to be in for anyone who is trying to or are running their own small business whether it’s at home or away in a studio. Self care is great when you have worked hard at something or life is happening. For me, it was the life - personal issues which


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