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WIP musings 4

I can’t believe that we are approaching end of January 2021 now. Apologies for taking so long for another post. That’s how it’s going to be - an update as and when I can.

Generally, the festive season keeps me busy and sucks a lot of energy out of me. So much that it takes me a little bit longer than usual to recover. I have being doing small tasks when the energy strikes me. That could me labelling 1 skein of yarn or dyeing 1 batch of yarn or even a simply choosing fabric for the next bag. In the end, all of this adds up and will lead to a shop update some time in April ( I hope).

What is my set up for today instead of the usual sitting in a coffee shop?

I’m sat on my bed with an empty cup of mocha next to me on the bed side table. There are project bags lying around me both on the bed and on the floor. No music is playing but a candle is lit.

inside my project bags are new cast on and some cross stitch projects.

Please note, I do include links to an online shop that I mention and some of the items may not be available especially the indie dyers.

I have casted on an Ama Sweater by Maddie Harvey ( it’s a super fun knit. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get it on the needles.

The main colour I am using is a lovely deep blue is from Ginger Twist Studio ( I really can’t remember the colourway name nor the base I bought it several years ago when I first discovered Indie Dyer. I originally knitted a Lush cardigan by Tin Can Knits however, my knitting skills back then wasn’t really up to scratch and there was a great big hole at the armpit which I couldn’t save as the remainder of the yarn is sitting in a wardrobe at my parents in law’s place over in Macau. So no access - please don’t suggest I ask them to post it to me.

Anyways, I didn’t want that cardigan to be sitting there unloved so I did the inevitable of ‘yarncromancy’ (stealing that from Cia who is one of the hosts on the Tipsy Knits podcast). Frogged the whole thing, washed it to rid of as much crinkles as I can. Now, onto the contrast colour is very interesting. I stash dived - i really don’t have big double knit stash so into the 4ply to find 2 skeins that could be held double. Yes!!! I have been very lucky to have been gifted some yarn in the past couple of years through swaps. I found an ‘Industrial Accident’ by Mothy and the Squid ( and ‘Volleyball’ by Dusty Dimples (

They are both very bright - basically a rainbow of colours.

Image Descripotion: a close of a knitted yoke in a deep blue colour as the main And some bright pink, yellows and blue coloured contrast yarn.

It makes me very happy.

As soon as I started this, I knew exactly what this would go with in my wardrobe. Something that I wasn’t really thinking about but the light bulb was lit as I thought about it.

I know it’ll be a gorgeous outfit using a bit of imagination

Image Description: a female standing in front of camera next to bed wearing a black long sleeved top with a me made skirt in a bold and bright print skirt.

You see what I mean? I hope so.

This skirt makes me soooo happy. The fabric was from Fuz ( She has them back in stock amongst other gorgeous fabrics. The sewing pattern is from Sew Over It, Lizzie Skirt ( and I used a gold lining fabric that I either bought in a sale or it was gifted. That lining isn’t shown but definitely makes it feel super lush to wear (p.s it has pockets)

that’s it for this one I think; until next time folks.


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