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WIP musings 1

Anyone who knows me will know that I have numerous WIP’s in varying crafts (knit, crochet, sew/quilt, spinning yarn and cross stitching). Sometimes I want to share the journey with people however, I feel that social media posts isn’t the place to do so.

With each project, they are all about the process of creating each piece and to have the end product whenever I get there. It’s not a race. It can be at times when there is a make a long but I’m there for the company and the enjoyment.

Cross Stitch

Take my cross stitching projects as an example. I fell down the rabbit hole of doing full coverage pieces this time last year. For those who are wondering, a full coverage piece is a full artwork that has been charted to be stitched. To see what I mean go to [] You will also see my progress on my Instagram profile in the highlights as I like to log them whenever I can. I started them with full knowledge that it will take me some time to complete them and it doesn’t matter. I enjoy the moments I spend on stitching on the project.


I‘m not one for monogamy knitting as I like to take a project that suits my mood or the environment that I will be crafting. Most of the time it’ll be at work. I pick accordingly on the day of the week or even month. I could end up taking a few with me and give myself a goal to achieve with each one so I am making small progress with them. This sometimes work as a ’feel good’ thing for me at the end of the night or it can make me feel irritated.

So this week, I’m trying to finish off a test knit that I haven’t completed in the time scale given however the pattern has been released by the designer. It is available on Ravelry. Proceed with caution if you have issues with animated objects. I am fully aware of their problematic behaviour in the recent months. []

So, for each day I try to knit one repeat of the pattern (I’ve split it into 2). 2 more full chart repeats and I can cast off which means 4 more days. IF I’m lucky and feel like it, I will knit 2. This little goal has helped me to keep going with this project because it’s very long and trying to use up the full 2 skeins of yarn. I am using my own hand dyed in the Glitzy Footsie base in a spring green semi solid. I will show it off soon.

The other project that has caught my heart right now is the woodland ripple crochet blanket by Lucy of Attic 24. For this, I give myself a goal of adding one colour or maybe 3 in a day and that gives an instant gratification. [] The reason I do a few at a time is so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with having to weave in the ends at the end of a whole section. Very satisfying.

I find joy in working on the long term projects as it means I can get a little bit more space when I complete a project. It’s there to help me stop the urge in more enhancements to all stash in all the varying crafts that I have fallen in love with. I have felt the urge to clear it all out and start over again. However, the fact that I have spent money on it, I want to get my entertainment value from it. Does that make sense?

How do you see your stash? What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by it and the space it takes?


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