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Can you tell I'm getting excited about this event? If you haven't seen the details for it this, go over to my webiste [] for it or even better [] where you can get your tickets in advance and book into a class if you fancy it - there is certainly some spaces left.

Last year, I went as a customer and this year... I'm there as a Vendor under Mrs Lam Yarns - so please do come and say hi to me and my booth buddy, Marie. We will be very excited to speak to you (Marie doesn't have much idea about all the yarny stuff but she may ensure you leave with a purchase or two).

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last year when I went along with my friend, Julie. You can read all about it from a previous post and my experience.

What happend to the stuff I bought?

I have been spinning a little bit but not enough (I have used the fibre I bought though) If you look at the previous post I will have used Cosmic Strings, Midwinter Yarns and Shelter. The project bag is being used and loved so is the sock blockers - wish I had more socks on the needles.

However, I have added to my TreLiz lot as I want to make a So faded sweater by Andrea Mowry - that could possibly jump onto the needles when I finish a few more things.

Not sure about how much shopping time I will get from being a vendor but I do have a few small things that I want to get my hands on..

PERTH 2018

So, what's in store from me at Perth - you can follow me on using Instagram or Facebook as Kalokshekellen. There is some sneaky peeks at what I've been making and trust me there is still A LOT to be done at headquarters.

I'm getting excited as I am getting to spend most of my time with new and old friends that I have made within the past year. I will be driving down to Perth on Friday morning - hoping a I can explore around the area and will be at the Gin Flight evening (advance tickets) at The Green Room.

Sat - Sun is the festival itself, so advance tickets or you can get it at the door which will be limited.

There are plenty of awesome vendors so take your time to sniff all the yarn fumes and squish all the yarn before making any purchases.

All the essential info is on their website (including the floor plan) I'm at stand number 54!! Very close to the entrance (57 and 72)

I think that is all I want to say about it for now except it's now

11 DAYS TO GO (from date of publishing)

Will I see you there?

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