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Episode 3: Mother’s Day

Where did February go? It seems like this is a good routine, one post per month. I always want to blog more often however, time just escapes me.

So this weekend is Mother’s Day in the UK. Have you got your mum a gift yet? If not, head on to my website where you can get 10% off by using the Lovemum18 valid until 11th March 2018.

What have I been up to? I’ve taken too much time off for the past fortnight - lack of motivation. This is a dangerous phase to be in for anyone who is trying to or are running their own small business whether it’s at home or away in a studio. Self care is great when you have worked hard at something or life is happening. For me, it was the life - personal issues which will remain off limits.

Anyways, I’m sure your not here to read about my moans or what is getting at me.

I have completed a few finished objects, exploration station shawl, Mystic Delight shawl and my lopi sweater.

You can head over to my Ravelry projects page to get more details of what yarn I’ve used and the pattern. Ravelry is ellieshek or go to this link

Currently on the needles is my Anniversaire cardigan - I should get that finished by EYF 2018 which is next week. I’ll be there on the Thursday and hopefully the Friday too. Will I see you? Please do come and say hello if you do spot me amongst the crowd or squishing yarn or even sitting down for a knit.

I have casted on a kids sweater and another shawl after a mammoth task of creating a spreadsheet for all the projects I have in magazines or books or Ravelry. This is to help with the knit from stash goal for this year.

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