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6 months of work

Hello all!! I don't know if anyone will be reading this at this time of year. Here it is...


Where to start?! It's been 6 months since i last blogged... It's just a shear of laziness that crept upon me - getting the desktop fixed and turning it on. Then trying to remember my passwords.. surely it made sense to use something that was memorable but no, i used a non memorable one. Anyways, the place that I find so easy to update is on Facebook. Surprise surprise! it's like tap on the icon on the touch screen and upload a picture from the camera album. Boom! there it's done.

Let me start off with some photos of all my bits and pieces that I have made in the past few months...

There is that saying 'a photo/picture speaks a thousand words'... this is certainly true for all that I'm showing here.. I should really give credit to all the designers work that I have used to create such collection. Here it is... finding all the correct links.... well, it's all mainly from Ravelry so here is the list - you may click on the links for the patterns and I will list of the materials I used for my projects. Usually, I would have blog about my little ventures whilst getting my hands on all these yarn and patterns. This is a one off blog of all of them being short and sweet! Orchid thief by Ysolda Teague. For this shawl, I used Artesano hand painted, 4ply. The french cancan Materials: Old maiden aunt, DK, colour was Dreich The Totoro hat - i made a few tweaks of my own from this Totoro Materials: Sublime cashmerino dk and oddments of dk acrylic. Embleton - I Knit or Dye - uh oh! I can't find the label anywhere or online.. Knee high socks mondial Ciao - sock weight/yarn. Baya - baya shawl this was knitted with debbie bliss lace and 4ply. The Thornfield hat was actually a test knit for a designer who is yet to publish the pattern. Granny square was made up in my head using a fantastic colour pack - King Cole dollymix dk and WI's dk. (another post coming about this) Leaves blanket was from king cole pattern 3703. I used Sirdar's snuggly DK and i backed it with 100% cotton fabric Bottom up jumper - designed by me. I used a lovely New Lanark Mills Aran weight in Heather. (I will update this one with a little story in the new year) note to self: never do a mass update.... too much to inlcude.

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