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WIP musings 3

My mind is blank. It’s possible due to how raw I still feel about what I shared in the previous post. It wasn’t easy to tell the story nor to ’get over it’. It never will be. That’s not what you are here for. I am not going to apologise for any rants that I go on in this post. They are all valid.

Finished Object

I have a pair of socks finished. Ends still to be woven in and to be blocked. It was all I could manage on a busy weekend. A few stitches in the little down time I had at work. Lets talk about the sock in question.

Pattern: Wild Thyme from The Knitter magazine issue?

Yarn: Coop Knits Sock Yeah! Purchased from Baa! In Stonehaven on their opening day.

Colours: Mustard Yellow and Grey.

So that brings down my WIP list from 12 down to 10. I don’t have another finsiehd object. I have frogged it. The designer showed problematic behaviour on their social media posts and I decided to unfollow and frog any projects that was designed by them. I have enjoyed their patterns in the past and have a few items in my garment and shawl piles. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them - either sell the actual hand knit. There is no way I’m gonna rip it all out because it’s very glorious in it’s own right. This feeling is tough and I need more time to deal with it. It’s so frustrating. It is tiring. I even wanted to knit another one of their designs with my beautiful hand spun but that deserves better, in my humbled opinion. So yeah. Not great here.

Trying to put all that aside for a cheery post. I’ve been working on a crochet shawl as a palette cleanser.

Yarn: Eden Cottage Yarns (ECY) in their Nateby Minis and the Main Colour (I think) is the Titus base.

Colours: Main Colour: Charcoal or maybe Thunder. Mini Skeins are blue, pink, purple and mint green. (sorry, I can’t remember the names)

I bought some 2 minis at Edinburgh Yarn Fest 2018 or 2019? The rest was when ECY did an update on them afterwards. Or the other way around. I remember picking up the 2 and thinking it will work with what I have in stash.

I think going forward, I will need to log my purchases in a notebook for referencing to as my memory is getting poor. I certainly have a new planner at the ready so I may take some time to do that this week.

What else? The woodland ripple blanket is still going, almost half way there. Just 2 more colours and it’s halfway. By the time you read this it’s probably there.

There is another sock that is capturing my attention. I’m currently half way through the heel flap. I started it from the top down so it won’t take me long to finish another pair of socks.

Pattern: Roxen socks by Yarnesty. Trigger warning for leading you to Ravelry.

Yarn: The Midnight Dyery in their Stained Glass which was an exclusive from 2019‘s Christmas Eve box.

At this point, I’m itching to cast on a whole load of new projects because I have had a few amazing parcels arriving with me in the past 3 weeks. It was all treats when I could because I had planned on being a little bit more stricter with personal finances. Also, my mindset has ever so slightly changed as I became a little bit overwhelmed with my stash across all the crafts. So new stuff gets used as soon as possible or ultimately shop from stash.

Anyways, I feel like I have waffled a bit. I’m still trying to find that festive vibe around me but being the year 2020, it’s hard.

One last thing about business related stuff. As the takeaway is getting clover to the busiest time of year, I am fully planning on taking a little bit more time out to keep my batteries topped up. It’s always a testing time of year. I will be working quietly on some stuff whether it‘s for an update in the new year or personal stuff - I won’t be putting any pressure on myself to churn out all the goods.

Image description: a half knitted sock that has sprinkling of colours. the pattern has cables and texture.


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