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Staying at Home Musings

Hello! I hope you are all well and getting used to this new normal life that we all had to adapt literally overnight since the UK lockdown announcement.

It ain’t easy. To each and every one of you, well done for getting this far. I hope you have found mechanisms that help you to cope with all the difficulties that being at home brings. Be homeschooling the children, the paranoia of getting loved ones sick as you are classed as a key worker to finding a balance work space if you are working from home with your family and creative cooking.

I have had some good and bad days myself. I’m not going to lie. It is sad to see my dad sick with a nasty chest infection - doctors can’t test for Covid 19 for the lack of resources to do so. He has been given some antibiotics to take and I am staying positive that it will help him to recover. It should go without saying, as much as I appreciate any advice given on how to help; please refrain from doing so as it adds to my stress.

Whilst I am still taking online orders, please note that it will not be shipped until I have reached the required self isolation period. Thank you for your patience and the orders. The money is helping me to keep me and the business afloat.

My time has been filled with various crafts and trying to be productive for the business. I hope this gets you excited for an update or even better still a virtual birthday party. Who knows how this goes.

Happy crafting and keep safe by staying at home!


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