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Episode 5: Announcements

Hello! Welcome to my blog about my crafting journey.

Just in case you are looking for me on Ravelry it's ellieshek.

First things first, I need to tell you what I have planned for this year so far.

Where to find me?

I'll be vending 2 events which are listed below:

Aberdeen YarnFest

13th May 2018, DoubleTree Hilton Treetops, Springfield Road at 10am-5pm.

Perth Festival of Yarn

8th-9th September 2018, Dewars Centre, Perth times are still TBC

At each of these events I'll be bringing my hand dyed yarns and project bags. So please do come and say hello if your coming. I am excited to meet new and old faces at both festivals. Don't be shy and tell me who you are if I haven't met you before and I do hugs as well if you want one from me.

Catch Up

Last month I was in Dundee for 2 days. I was invited by a good friend when I worked in Dundee to a flat warming party and a baby shower for another friend. Both events were wonderful time to catch up with a different circle of friends that I've not really seen much of recently. This makes me sound like I'm a bad friend to have but life sometimes gets in the way and a good friendship will always last regardless.


I've been naughty and I haven't checked what I actually have vs my written down notes.

I do still have my Soiree sweater which has made a huge progress since the last update. I have finished the whole body and neckband. All it need is some sleeves.

The cable sweater hasn't received much love as the pattern was difficult to follow. Not the actual knitting of it but the keeping track of what to do for each section of the various cables. So I've had to cut the pattern up originally on 3 pages and I had to keep flicking through to see what row I was on and turn for the next after a few stitiches. Very frustrating when all you want to do is knit. I have then made it all onto 1 page with all the relevant bits and pieces flowing so it's easier to refer to. It will get more love very soon as I love watching a pattern coming alive on the needles.

Shawls department

I have the What the Fade?! by Andrea Mowry on the needles, I've done all the brioche and now onto the garter lot. I'm almost there but towards the end I have 400+ sts per row and it's still increasing to the end. I don't want to give away too much as it's a paid for pattern on Ravelry. It's a soothing type of knit and I just want to keep working on it now.

After all that, I still want to cast on ALL the things (I have yarn for all the ones listed)

1. Blafjell by Eli of Skeindeer Knits

2. Fading Point by Joji Locatelli (pattern release 12th April)

3. colourwork socks by Eli of Skeindeer Knits

4. Sharman by Bristol Ivy

5.2nd Exploration Station by Stephen West

6.Trembling by Anna Maltz

Finished Objects

I have completed the Belsyde shawl by Renee Callahan using Ginger Twist Studios Yakety yak base in Grumpy bear and Queen of Purls Court Jester base in orange. I've still to update my Ravelry project page with pictures. No excuse Ellen!!

I've also done Queen of Tarts socks by Ruth aka Knitterarium using my own hand dyed in the crushed berries and GamerCrafting sparkle mini skein. That has been updated on my Ravelry.


I've made more project bags for Aberdeen YarnFest and I've prepped more fabric to be sewn up. I feel like I've got to rush through things when I get to this point and not really chatting much. Trust me choosing coordinating fabrics is hard and deciding what kind of bags to make is so difficult. Let me know what you look for in a bag. It could be as simple as a divider inside the bag, a little pocket or a handle on the outside. The closure you like. I know what I like but it may not be to everyone's taste or needs. You know where to find me if you have gotten this far of this blog or browsed on the site.

Happy Mail

I have bought a new pin from Grace of Babbles Travelling yarn and a skein too. I don't know where the obsession came from for all the pins. I seem to follow whatever band wagon that comes around and maybe it's the FOMO (fear of missing out)?!

Countess Ablaze I got 2 skeins of her OOAK and limited lot. I'll spare you the details of them - if you want to find out head over to her website or IG and scroll through for Tea and Tray Bake and If I want exposure.

not sure if the link has worked......

I also have GamerCraftings March subscription box but I think I'll leave that one there along with the Marlisle book in a different post.

Right, not sure what is worse, sitting and typing for a good 45 minutes or sitting to record an actual podcast? At least a blog I can edit as I go and don't need to look at it again unless I really need to.

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