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Perth Festival Of Yarn

Hello! Welcome to this blog about my knitting, crochet, sewing and maybe a bit of spinning adventures. This one will be about the Perth Festival of Yarn that happened last weekend, 10th September. I can't believe it's already been a week since this wonderful event. I don't want to bore you all with the exact details except I drove to the event. 

The banner made it easier to spot the building as it was raining and being unfamiliar with the roads around the area. 

I was a little bit excited about this whole event for various reasons. One of them was getting to meet one of the many podcasts that  I watch on YouTube. Nathan Taylor who is also known as  Sockmatician on YouTube. It was great to have a quick chat with him. 

Another reason I got excited about was the new to me indie dyers that was vending at this event. To be fair, it's only through these events that I will get to know more indie dyers and give me a wider range for when it comes to online shopping for yarn. They all add their own flair to the yarn they dye. 

I'm having technical problems after inserting 2 images. Apologies for this, I may try again at a later date. 

I will say this, there are many reasons for this to be such a positive event. I am not staying the other one that I attended isn't. 

The lighting was nice and bright so it was easy to see the true colours of the yarn and see where I was going around the place. It was rather spacious for everyone to move around and sit down in the designated area for knit and natter. It wasn't a problem for those who had little children in their buggy and those who had mobility issues. I had a good time talking to the various vendors which allows me to get to know them and their products that they are selling.  

 After the first round of walking to see what everyone had on offer, we had a spot of lunch in the cafe upstairs. We didn't want to venture out due to the weather. It was great that they had it separate from the main market place. 

Now, after lunch is where the danger is. The time to make some purchases. Some people may have the fear of not being able to get what they want if they don't buy when they have spotted something they want. I don't. If I don't see it after taking a break I'll be able to find something else at the stall or with another vendor. There is plenty to go around. It doesn't take me long to make purchases. It helps to have gone around the market once or twice as this allows me to think about it and what I want or would like to buy. 

You can view  My haul on my instagram. 

Here is a disclaimer, I didn't purchase the spinning wheel at the event, I bought it before hand and asked for it to be picked up there. They were more than happy to do that for me. Same for the wooden sock blockers. I emailed Jess around 2 weeks before to ask about them to give her time to get them made for me. No one should ever feel that they need to buy as much as I did - personally, I did save especially for this festival. So it's all guilt free purchases. 

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