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Hooked on hoop

It's been a great journey so far with setting up this little venture in cyberspace. KalokShekEllen is now on Facebook and Etsy. How exciting this has been for me. Please check it out and share with your friends. As with everything else, it will start off slow but I'll get there soon enough. I'll have the odd post on Instagram too so you can follow me there as well.The links to Etsy and Facebook are provided below. Over the past few months I've been getting ideas from all over the place. I got hooked on to making earrings since these are quick and easy to make up. I even plucked up the courage to try out crocheting with wire however, I will need more practice with that to make it look like what I intended it to be.

The picture above was taken in natural lighting so it may appear different on various monitors.

The materials used are; sterling silver for the hook, 100% cotton for the earring.

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