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Branching Out

Here I am.. Sitting in a coffee house whilst blogging. Over the past few weeks, I have completed a few projects. I once was a knitter who liked to have several "work in progress" (WIP) on the go. I realised it didn't work for me as because my mind is continuously running on ideas of what to knit next. I don't own a lot of yarn in my stash however, I'd like to get through it all at some point.

The only part that keeps me behind all my schedules is doing a tension square. It's a pain but its gotta be done to get the garment the correct size. I learnt this the hard way. Anyways, I'm not here to rant about the negative. The following project is a lace scarf which I used a lovely Blue Sky Alpaca's Sportweight in the shade 'Capri'. This was easy to work with even though it was in a skein. I didn't bother unraveling it to turn it into a ball beforehand. It didn't tangle up as much as I thought it would. I used 2 skeins to knit this up, I can't remember the exact complete measurements but you can get a rough idea from the picture below. I got the pattern from Ravelry [click here] to get the pattern for free. I found it easier to follow the charted pattern. This is just a personal preference. I find it easier to follow a chart because I usually lose track of where I am with a written pattern.

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