100% superwash Bluefaced Leicester 

225m / 100g 

Double Knit 

3.5 - 4.5mm 


Bold red with a block of black. Typically the plaques that are made for the Gods in a household is in a bright red, and the black is representing the smoke from an incense stick. 


Qing Ming is an event marked on the Chinese calendar where people would go to the cemetery or temples to pay their respects to the elders. This event is typically on the first or second weekend in April each year. 


Although this is machine washable, I would recommend hand wash your finished item and lay flat to dry. 


This beautiful superwash wool is ideal for a variety of projects that will be super cosy. This is soft that is kind for being next to skin for all ages. 


As with all hand dyed yarns, I would recommend that you use two skeins at a time, alternating from each one every few rounds/rows. Unless it’s a one skein project. 

Smooshy BFL DK - chocolate boxes



    Aberdeen, UK