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Lantern Walk Shawl 


This is a collaboration with Penny Baker Knits for the shawl pattern using my hand dyed yarn. To get the pattern go to 

payhip or ravelry.


The inspiration was the Mid Autumn Festival that is widely celebrated in Asia and South East Asia. In the ancient times, farmers would gather together with families to celebrate the autumn harvest. There would be a midnight walk with a lantern to admire the moon when it's supposed to be at it's fullest in the year. 


The centre panel is to depict hanging lanterns with the lotus flower on the border. 


Lotus Flower seed is the main ingredient in the making of the moon cakes which are often eaten as desert after a meal during the festival. 


What you will get


2 x 100g Wa Sock (1x lantern lights and 1 x red)


75% superwash merino (non museling)

25% nylon 

425m / 100g 

4 ply / fingering 

*Pre Order* Lantern Walk Shawl Yarn

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